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Star Wars Kinect Review (Xbox 360)


In this review, I am going to be doing two things I do not normally do.  First, I will be referencing another form of media (namely a podcast) and directly quoting something said there.  The reason  am going to do this is not for the comedy value or the shock...

Kinect Star Wars Bundle

Star Wars Kinect Xbox 360 Bundle


It turns out that Amazon was totally B-S-ing us with the release date of December 31st, 2012 for the game Kinect Star Wars.  Today, we learned that it will release April 3rd, which if you recall is what we “half expected.”  On top of that, we’ve also learned that it...

StarWars Kinect

Kinect Star Wars (video)


The Star Wars brand will echo into eternity. Ok, it might be an exaggeration, but the brand is iconic and to this day could sell ice to eskimos. Unfortunately, the Star Wars video games, at least of recent on the latest generation of consoles has been lack luster. Hopefully that...

Kinect Netflix

Kinect Now Compatible with Netflix on Xbox 360 (video)

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Today, Microsoft issued an update to the Xbox 360 that makes the Kinect compatible with Netflix streaming.  Gamers will be able to use hand gestures to shuffle through their queue as well as you voice commands to activate playback controls, such as pause, play and fast forward. We didn’t know...

Razor Fish Kinect

Razorfish DaVinci Meets Kinect And Creates Gesture-Based Beauty (video)


I’ve seen many art installations, public interaction projects and generally awesome things to do with an Xbox Kinect, but this blending of the Razorfish DaVinci gestural interface with the Kinect seems like the most intimate connection realized so far between physical reality and a playfully and subtly artistic virtual reality....


First Look: Kinect


It’s Kinect. Microsoft’s baby, their biggest hardware release since the Xbox 360, meant to revolutionize gaming, specifically for everyone who doesn’t want a controller, forever. Here’s our first look from installation to an hour in!...

kinect bundle

Xbox 360 250GB Kinect Bundle Announced


Microsoft continues their love of Kinect bundles with the announcement today of a 250GB 360 Slim bundle. Back in July we heard about the 4GB version of this deal, but for those seeking a little more storage space we now have the 250GB version. It includes the Slim console with...


The Kinect Accessories Begin With PDP’s Mounts


Like every other game console/peripheral, the Kinect now has its first accessories, and I’m sure there are more down the pipeline. PDP is bringing a Microsoft-approved wall mount, floor mount, and TV stand to help keep your Kinect upright in whatever way you want. Pricing is as follows: the wall...

Microsoft Kinect

Kinect To Get Less Casual “Hybrid” Games


Well, we’ve certainly talked about the Kinect enough here, but you still might not be convinced to buy the damn thing since the games are certainly…all-ages fare. “Kinectimals”, I’m looking at you. So it’s good to hear from Microsoft’s VP for Interactive Entertainment Europe Chris Lewis that more mature, “hybrid”...