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Samsung Unveils SNE-50K, A 5-inch E-Reader


Although we’ve known for a few months now that Samsung had plans to enter the e-reader game, we didn’t know when the device would emerge.  Today the company made the device official and what was known as the Papyrus has now become the SNE-50K, at least as far as I...


Amazon Kindle DX Ship Date Announced


When Amazon launched their latest Kindle, the Kindle DX, they weren’t exactly forthcoming about the actual ship date.  Now they’ve quietly added it to the product page, which is June 10th.  As always it’s ‘first come, first serve’, and costs $130 more than the 6-inch Kindle, $489. Read...

Kindle DX

Amazon Kindle DX Pre-Order For $489 (video)


Well here it is, the Amazon Kindle DX.  While boasting a much larger screen at 9.7 inches with 1,200 x 824 resolution and 150ppi, it does load pages a bit slower.  Also the DX weighs about twice as much as the Kindle 2 (10oz vs. 18oz), but it is just...


Gadget Leak: Amazon Kindle DX Specs And Images


Well, that didn’t take very long.  Although the official Amazon Kindle DX press event is just under 48 hours away, images of the latest iteration of the e-reader have been leaked to the blogosphere.  Not all is known, but expect at least a 9.7-inch display (why not 10-inches), PDF reader...


Gadget Rumor: Big Screen Kindle Announced On Wednesday?


On May 6th, Amazon will hold a press conference to announce something cool and Kindle related.  Amazon will holds its press conference at Pace University in NYC and rumors are abound stating that they will announce a larger, big screen Kindle tailored towards newspapers, magazines and textbooks.  Sounds like a...


Gadget Rumor: Amazon Kindle 2, Again


Back in November, a rumor surfaced that Amazon was set to release a new version of their Kindle, the Kindle 2.  The rumor set release date to happen sometime in Q1 of 2009.  Guess what?  Yup, folks in the press world have been invited to an event in NYC on...


Amazon Kindle 2 Leaked


If you recall, a few weeks back there was a rumor circulating that Amazon was set to launch a new Kindle, a college friendly Kindle at that.  Although there’s nothing in these ‘spy’ shots to confirm that particular rumor, it does solidify the notion that Amazon is refreshing its Kindle,...


No New Amazon Kindles


My hopes and dreams of a cheaper college experience have been crushed!  Wait…I already graduated college.  Stinkin’ film school, Emerson to be exact.  I won’t say it was a complete waste of time…oh right, the story.  Amazon’s chief spokesperson squashed any possibility of a cheaper, retooled Kindle emerging.  To quote:...