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Graphite Kindle DX Now Available


Just a friendly reminder today that the newly updated Graphite Kindle DX which we told you about last week is now shipping. For $379, you’ll get a 9.7-inch e-ink screen with 50 percent improved contrast, WiFi + 3G support, web browsing, PDF support, and access to the Kindle’s library of...


Amazon Updates Kindle App With Audio & Video


Last week, Amazon lowered the Kindle’s price to match the Nook, effectively setting off some heated competition between e-reader manufacturers. Which makes it interesting that today, Amazon is launching an updated Kindle app for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch that gives those devices multimedia functionality that the Kindle itself doesn’t...


Price Wars: Amazon Lowers Kindle Price


In what appears to be a quick decision in response to the Nook price cut earlier today, Amazon has lowered the price of the Kindle seventy dollars, from $269 to $189. As you might be aware, that’s ten dollars less than the 3G Nook. That’s a drastic move, one that...


Moleskine Launches Official Kindle Case


There’s the waterproof Kindle case, but if you’re looking for something a little more stylish, Moleskine has officially unveiled its new Kindle offering. The company made the case after seeing just how many enterprising modders had come up with cases of their own from Moleskine products. It features the signature...


Black Kindle Supposedly Spotted In Blurry Picture


It seems that anonymous pictures are the thing to take this week. CrunchGear’s got their hands on a blurry picture taken in a San Francisco coffee shop, showing a black device that appears to have the same form factor as the Kindle DX. Even with some Blade Runner-esque zooming though,...


ASUS Pre-Loading Notebooks With Kindle Software


Amazon and ASUS have teamed up today with news that certain ASUS notebooks and netbooks will come with the Kindle application pre-installed, including the Eee PC. Currently, there are 540,000 books offered in the Kindle store, and users can start a book on their ASUS netbook and continue where they...


The Amazon Kindle 2.5 Update Is Now Available


Engadget is reporting that the Kindle’s latest update, version 2.5, is now rolling out to users. The 2.5 update brings with it a slew of new features, including organization of books and docs into “collections,” password protection, PDF zooming, larger font options, and sharing blocks of text from your books...


Kindle App For Android Announced


Amazon expanded their Kindle reach today with the announcement of an app for the Android OS. All Android devices will support the app, which lets them purchase and view the 540,000 books currently in the Kindle store. The app utilizes the multittouch capabilities of Android phones for flicking or scrolling...

Belkin e-light for Kindle

Belkin Jumps On The Kindle Train, Intros Reading Light


The Kindle e-reader from Amazon is very practical when it comes to reading books.  It’s battery is magnificent and the screen, which uses the e-ink technology is easy on the eyes.  One problem, though: it can’t be used in the dark, unless of course you’ve got an external light source. ...