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Amazon Kindle Ads

How to Turn Off Ads on the $79 Kindle (how to)

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When Amazon announced the new line of Kindle eBook readers, the cheapest was an ad supported version which sells for $79.  Dubbed the Kindle 4, it offered a pretty cushy deal … users would get the new Kindle reader for $30 less in trade for special offers displayed in the...


Best Deals Last Week: September 26th (List)


The past week has surely left us with a variety of different sales, with items ranging from games to cameras and TVs some new pre-orders have also come along for the ride. Here’s 10 that made a mark: 10. Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-HX97 Digital Cameras – $279 Here’s a doozy of...

Amazon Kindle Fire

Amazon Kindle Fire Price and Launch Date (video)

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Yesterday, Amazon, who has long sold a variety of Kindle e-readers, announced their first, true tablet computer, the Kindle Fire. Despite the fact that the tablet marketplace is already over saturated, the Kindle Fire is shaping up to be a significant contender. At the core of the device is a...

Kindle 3G

Kindle 3G Coming To AT&T Stores, Their First E-Reader


Amazon is looking to increase sales of its Kindle 3G and has signed a deal with AT&T to distribute the device through the carrier’s stores starting March 6th for $189. Nope, you won’t get a price break if you’re an AT&T customer and nor is their anything special about this...

borderlands kobo

New Kobo From Borders Stalking The Kindle Wi-Fi


Borders is going head to head with Amazon in the e-reader segment without making any excuses. The new version of its Kobo e-reader is priced exactly as much as Amazon’s Wi-fi-only Kindle – $140, and just like the entry-level Kindle, it has been blessed with Wi-Fi. The original Kobo could...


Sharp Galapagos E-Reader Set To Evolve Into Tablet


Sharp’s announcement of two e-readers for the Japanese market comes packaged with clever wordage about going from a focus on one-time sales of hardware, to a more customer oriented device that evolves through continuously updating software. It will need to make all that and more come true if it wants...

amazon kindle

New Kindle Fastest-Selling Ever, Shipping Two Days Early


The third generation Amazon Kindle isn’t even out yet, but it’s already become the biggest-selling Kindle ever, boasts Amazon in a new PR. It’s also been the website’s #1 best seller for two years running. To celebrate, the company is shipping orders a full two days early, so you can...


Read All Night With The Kindle Lighted Leather Case


Amazon’s third generation Kindle is about to arrive, and while it has a host of improvements over its predecessors, there’s still one issue: the e-ink display doesn’t have backlighting. The solution, it seems, would come from an old-fashioned booklight. Amazon is selling their own Kindle Lighted Leather Case, which is...


Amazon Developing iPhone/iPad Competitors?


The blogospheres are abuzz today with news that Amazon has more gadgets in development besides new Kindles, thanks to a NY Times report that went insider their Lab 126 where the Kindle was developed. People with ‘direct knowledge’ of Amazon’s inner workings say that the new hardware would allow easy...