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SAM:  Smart Home Technology

The SAM Plug and Strip Makes Your Home Smart


Turn your house into a smart home with the SAMĀ (Save, Automate, Monitor) plug and strip that allows you to control various aspects of your home via your smartphone. Consisting of either an electrical outlet plug or strip, the two devices feature integrated sensors that sense your home’s environment. Both have...


The Nomad CNC Puts Precision Milling On Your Desktop


CNC milling has changed much of how we approach design and manufacturing products. Using computers to precisely control machine tools, and usable on materials ranging from wax and wood to brass and aluminum, pretty much any product you own at this point has had parts or prototypes milled on a...


Anova Precision Cooker 2.0 Gets It Right Every Time


You’ve probably heard a lot about “sous vide” cooking in recent years. Essentially, it involves sealing food in a bag and cooking it by circulating hot water evenly across the contents. It’s a technique that gets stunning results, but it’s hard to do without a professional machine. Well, until now....


ColdCan Keeps Your Drink Cold With SCIENCE!


It’s one of the many little annoyances that, if science can’t cure cancer, you’d think would be solved by now: Namely, your canned drink getting warm. And yet we still have the cheap foam, awkwardly named “koozies” for our canned beverages. Needless to say, there’s a Kickstarter that will not...

vanhawks valor

Vanhawks Valour Brings The Connected Bike To The Streets


Bicycles are a useful way to get around, but they’re not exactly what you call intelligent. Most advanced with the bicycle have largely centered around materials science or solving mildly annoying problems like the greasy chain. So Vanhawks is trying to rebuild the bike, to make it connected and that...


CENTR 360 Video Camera Will Hold


It’s an exciting time for video right now. Advances like Lytro are changing how we think about still photography, and the sudden proliferation of 4K means better videography and film are cheaper and easier. CENTR stands out, however, not least for what it delivers… namely 360-degree video in a small...