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See.Sense Is A Brighter Bike Light…In More Ways Than One


As any cyclist knows, biking at night can be something of an endeavor you do at your own risk. Night visibility, especially on darker routes, can be low, and you need some form of light that gets attention. Like, for example, the See.Sense. There’s A Light Starting with the basics,...


The Sebbo Adds Safety And Fun To Nighttime Activities


Granted, running around with an LED strapped to you is generally a very… specific pursuit, let’s say. But the Sebbo was designed not just to make you look like a raver, but rather a safety conscious person. Who may also be a raver. A Ring Of Light The Sebbo is...

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Brighten your Night with Lumi-cord, the New Way to Neon


Calling all fans of EDM, Tron and tech-fashion fans. Lumi-cord is a new, battery-free EL wire alternative that you’d probably like to get your hands on sooner than later. This new luminescent elastic thread was almost stumbled upon by a 3D Printing company while developing long duration photoluminescent materials. If...


Let Monsieur Bartend Your Next Party


Bartenders can be pretty pricy, which is why only the fancy parties have them. But with the new Kickstarter campaign, Monsieur, you don’t have to fork over lots of cash every time  you have a party. Monsieur is an artificially intelligent robotic bartender that always serves you the perfect drink and...


Mipwr: A Hand-Powered Backup For Your iPhone

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It happens to all of us; we’re out and about and our smartphone dies. Mostly we hope there’s an outlet around, but of course sometimes that’s not exactly the best solution. Hence, where the Mipwr comes in; it’s a case, a backup battery, and a hand-powered charger in one designed...


iSketchNote Turns Your iPad Into A Notepad… With A Notepad


The iPad would seemingly be perfect for sketching and note-taking, but in practice… sadly that’s not the case. Fortunately, though, there are products willing to jump into the breach, such as the iSketchNote. Write On A Notepad, Back It Up To iPad The iSketchNote is actually pretty simple to use;...