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Double-O Bike Lights Add Style To Your Ride


Bike lights are crucial to cyclist safety. Essentially, if you’re going out at night with just a set of reflectors, you’re going to get run over. But it also raises a whole host of problems, ranging from the ugliness of the light to the fact that, well, if thieves can’t...


The MyTask iPhone Case: Should You Kickstart It?


Whenever a Kickstarter comes along, there’s always the inevitable question: Should you Kickstart it? Here’s a look at the latest Kickstarter to come onto our radar, the MyTask iPhone case. What Does It Do? The MyTask iPhone case basically provides a slide-out storage tray underneath your iPhone. The tray can...


Shelfie Is A Good Looking Stand To Hang Your Bike


There could be many reasons why a biker may want to hang his bike in his house or apartment. It could very well be a trophy you want to showcase, for maintenance or simply to save space especially if you’re living in an apartment. Things might change in the near...