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vanhawks valor

Vanhawks Valour Brings The Connected Bike To The Streets


Bicycles are a useful way to get around, but they’re not exactly what you call intelligent. Most advanced with the bicycle have largely centered around materials science or solving mildly annoying problems like the greasy chain. So Vanhawks is trying to rebuild the bike, to make it connected and that...


CENTR 360 Video Camera Will Hold


It’s an exciting time for video right now. Advances like Lytro are changing how we think about still photography, and the sudden proliferation of 4K means better videography and film are cheaper and easier. CENTR stands out, however, not least for what it delivers… namely 360-degree video in a small...


The Gramofon Is The Elegant Cloud-Based Jukebox


One of the downsides to having your music in the cloud is, well, getting your music off the cloud. Gramofon is built to be a cloud-based jukebox that pulls all your music from the cloud. Stripped Down Of course, since it doesn’t have to hold a lot of physical media,...


The Trinity Is A Wind Turbine You Can Take Camping


We see a lot of solutions for powering up your gadgets when you’re far, far away from a single outlet. Solar is a popular choice, and pedal power is another option. But what about wind? That’s the question posed by the Trinity wind turbine, and it might just be an...


The Hack x Tack Helps You Keep Your Lens Caps


Photographers know all too well the pain of losing their lens caps. That’s why lens caps, the world over, are secured to lenses with a handy little nylon thread. But that can be an annoying solution, and the Hack x Tack promises to never lose your lens cap… ever. Magnets!...