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Combimouse: QWERTY Keyboard And Mouse In One


If you’ve ever feverishly performed busy work on your computer that requires you to go from keyboard to mouse, than you know how cumbersome the experience can be.  That’s why I like working on my laptop, because I never have to move my hands too far from the keyboard. The...


Samsung Alias 2 E-Ink Keyboard Captured On Video (video)


Mystery no more.  The Samsung Alias 2’s dynamic keyboard system, which uses e-ink technology to adjust its orientation depending on how the phone is opened, has now been confirmed and captured on video.  I’m currently working from a DNS that blocks YouTube so I don’t have the luxury of viewing...


Luxeed L5 LED Keyboard Lights Up My Day (video)


Although it’s far from rivaling the Art Lebedev keyboards, the Luxeed L5 LED keyboard does run a good second.  And now the company has a second iteration of the device that is Mac/Linux compatible, and includes an improved keystroke system as well as a fix for a previous ghosting issue. ...


Verizon LG Versa Release Date & Price Announced


And there we have it.  The LG Versa will hit Verizon’s retail stores and website on March 1st.  The price of the phone, after a 2-year contract and $50 mail-in-rebate will be $200.  Included in the package will be a removable QWERTY keyboard, 3-inch touchscreen, GPS, 2MP camera and an...