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Lenovo Multimedia Remote With Keyboard Is Just $60


I just bought me a Mac Mini and along with it a Logitech DiNovo keyboard with built-in trackpad – I’m doing the whole home theater PC thing.  But now, after seeing Lenovo’s latest product, I’m beginning to regret my purchase, of the keyboard that is. The Lenovo Multimedia Remote with...


Apple Site Now Refreshed With New iMacs

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Anytime the Apple page goes down it’s always a nice feeling knowing that new products will soon be displayed.  On sale now are fresh new 21.5″ and 27″ iMacs of various specifications and ranging in price from $1200-$2000 depending on what your needs are. Now included with these new iMacs...


Combimouse: QWERTY Keyboard And Mouse In One


If you’ve ever feverishly performed busy work on your computer that requires you to go from keyboard to mouse, than you know how cumbersome the experience can be.  That’s why I like working on my laptop, because I never have to move my hands too far from the keyboard. The...


Samsung Alias 2 E-Ink Keyboard Captured On Video (video)


Mystery no more.  The Samsung Alias 2’s dynamic keyboard system, which uses e-ink technology to adjust its orientation depending on how the phone is opened, has now been confirmed and captured on video.  I’m currently working from a DNS that blocks YouTube so I don’t have the luxury of viewing...

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