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keycase ipad folio

Keycase iPad Folio Gives You A Bluetooth Keyboard On The Go


The iPad has more cases and stands than I can count, but this new one is a little different. KeyCase iPad Folio’s goes one up on other iPad Cases (and Apple themselves) by integrating a wireless Bluetooth keyboard into the case itself. Just passing FCC approval, the keyboard case keeps...


Up Your Game With The Razer BlackWidow Mechanical Keyboard


Razer’s new BlackWidow mechanical keyboard is the latest gadget to promise advantages on the online battlefield. What is a mechanical keyboard, you may ask? Well, it mechanical keyboards use a different technology to register key presses. Most keyboards use a common membrane and scissor-switch style key designs — with mechanical...


Logitech K800 Wireless Illuminated Keyboard


Logitech’s new K800 Wireless Illuminated Keyboard brings the wired illumination of last year’s MK700 to the wireless realm. An ambient light detector and motion sensor guarantees the right amount of light for each environment while conserving battery — up to ten hours on a single charge, which then gets refilled via...

macbook air project

This Apple Keyboard Has A MacBook Air Inside Of it


They’ve been sticking computers into monitors for a few years now, and now it looks like keyboards are the next frontier. Following in the steps of the ASUS Eee Keyboard, a modder has taken the guts of a MacBook Air and placed them within an Apple Keyboard, even carving out...

tron keyboard

Razer’s TRON Keyboard & Mouse Get Priced


Remember those licensed TRON products we wrote about a little while ago? Well, now we finally have some pricing and release details for them — at least, for the Razer Keyboard & Wireless Mice. The keyboard, with blue LED illumination, is $150, and comes with a detachable numeral pad. The...


The Redesigned Optimus Popularis Keyboard Is Unveiled


The Optimus Popularis keyboard is definitely the cream of the crop of keyboards — in fact, calling it a keyboard sorta cheapens the thing. It’s a super keyboard in every sense of the word. Its packing a dedicated display bar that updates with real time widget information like e-mails, stocks, and...


The USBTypewriter Merges Old And New Tech (video)


No, you didn’t see that image wrong, and you certainly didn’t fall through a Steampunk time warp where GadgetReview reports on the latest typewriter wares in Victorian London (though wouldn’t that be awesome?). That typewriter, the USBTypewriter, is a fully digital and even iPad compatible keyboard. It’s the creation of a modder...

keyboard upgrade

Custom Keyboard App For The iPad


The first thing I noticed about the iPad was its frustratingly large keyboard.  Who would have thought that a large keyboard would be problematic, but that’s exactly what it is.  This was put in further perspective when using a few iPhone apps on the iPad, enlarging them to 2x and...


The Simpson’s Keyboards And Mice Not Duff Proof


The awesome looking new Simpson’s keyboards and mice from Keyscaper will sure make killer gifts for any fan of the long running cartoon.  The keyboards are wired and the mice are wireless and they really shine with all the classic Simpson’s colors emblazoned all over them. No telling what the...