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Keurig and GE Create Refrigerator with Built-In Coffeemaker

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Keurig cups have extended far beyond buzz and now are an established part of the coffee and tea activities of office workers and home kitchens around the world. The one-use cups of coffee grounds (or tea) have won acclaim for their ease-of-use and generally swift delivery of caffeine to the...

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Keurig Will Offer Campbell’s Soup K-Cups. No, Really.


In the long history of prepared foods, there have been many… unique ideas. Toaster eggs, MREs sold to the common man, astronaut ice cream. But none, perhaps, will top the union of Campbell’s and Keurig to make, well, soup out of a Keurig machine. The Bold Idea Needless to say,...


Keurig Platinum Review


[rating:4.5/5] As I stated previously, I love a good cup of coffee, so when I found one of the Keurig Platinum machines on my front porch I was relatively excited.  This was going to be another excuse opportunity to drink coffee at all hours of the day in order to...

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