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Mophie Helium Juice Pack-002

Mophie Juice Pack Helium Review

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I’ve been waiting for it and finally Mophie’s first iPhone 5 battery case has arrived.  It’s called the Helium Juice Pack and boasts 1,500 mAh, the same capacity as the iPhone 5’s battery.  It weighs 2.44oz and measures 2.49″ wide by 5.49″ long by 0.59″ thick.  So this means your iPhone 5,...


Mophie Juice Pack Plus Outdoor Edition Review


Walk into the wilderness with your iPhone with the GPS function blazing away and the battery is sure to drain in no time flat. Mophie, who has long made battery packs for the iPhone is well aware of this and in fact encourages such behavior. After all, they did release...

Juice Pack Outdoor Edition

Mophie Juice Pack Plus Outdoor Edition


Dropping $200+ on a GPS watch can be a deterring experience.  And that probably explains why a large number of runners and hikers hit the trail with their iPhone in hand.  The handset, with the right app running, can track distance, pace and more.  A large caveat to this practice,...

Juice Pack iPhone 4

Mophie iPhone 4 Juice Pack Now Available


Pining for some added juice on your iPhone 4?  Mophie has now officially released their next Juice Pack, which is compatible with Apple’s latest handset.  It doubles the battery life and features some sort of 500 mAh quick charge in case you’re in a rush.  There are 4 LED battery...

mophie-juicepack air ipod Touch

Mophie Finally Launches Juice Pack Air For iPod Touch


It’s not the knock me down Friday news that we look for, but a product announcement nonetheless.  Yesterday, Mophie launched the Juice Pack Air for the iPod Touch.  An iPhone version has existed for sometime, but Mophie finally found the time to modify the battery’s form factor to fit the...