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Gear Ring

Gear Ring Is A Huge Cog In Our Cool Book (video)


This is the Gear Ring.  It doesn’t open beer bottles, contain a secret message – heck it has no utilitarian value.  But one thing it does sport is a “wow factor”. It’s made from high quality matte stainless steel and features micro-precision gears that turn in unison when the outer...


Hidded LED Watch


The LA hipsters will be all over this watch like rye on wheat.  Hidden beneath the LED Watch’s shiny facade are embedded LEDs that only appear when the time button is pushed.  No word on price or release date, but it will be available in Black, Silver and Ultara Marine....


192GB Gresso Pendant Sure Does Look Expensive


Carved from 200 year old African wood, the Gresso pendant is purely a collectible more than anything else. It’s finished in a variety of jewels and metals. They’re $5,000 Euros each and Gresso has only manufactured 99 of them. I’d prefer just a straight up wood pendant. Adding a USB...