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Water Jet Pack Fail

Water Jet Pack Crash (video)


Remember that Aqua Jetpack?  Yesterday, on Fox 5 News San Diego, some dude crashed it.  It’s not as bad as it sounds, but the video below has its moments, or should we say moment.  It looks like the trailing tube, which sucks up the water, got jammed on the dock...

Jet Pack Swing

Jet Pack Swing Set, Is A Full Loop Possible? (video)


We first saw the guys from the TV show “Bang Goes The Theory” climbing up the side of a building two years ago using a home made suction system scraped together from household parts.  Now, they’re back again and answering the childhood question of whether or not you can go...

jetpack Skiing

Jet Pack Skiing (video)


Troy Hartman is a man that indulges in senseless acts, and his website proves it.  No seriously, his website has a button that says “senseless acts”.  So it’s no surprise to see him strap on a home made jetpack and hit speeds up to 47mph on a pair of down...

Halo Reach Jet Pack Stunt (video)

Halo Reach Jet Pack Stunt (video)


Halo fans are bananas, no doubt about that.  To really kick things into super bananas overdrive Microsoft hired an American pilot to dress up in a Halo Master Chief suit and fly around London’s Trafalgar square.  Too bad it looks like only a handful (and perhaps then some) of people...


A Real Life James Bond Jet Pack

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Nasa has struggled for years to come up with a jet pack.  You know, the thing we all one day hope to strap to our backs and shoot into the sky like superman.  Believe it or not, a New Zealand born inventor, a one Glenn Martin, has been tinkering with...