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Japan Delivers A Maglev Train That Moves At 311 MPH


Japan is famous for its Shinkansen bullet trains, high-speed rail that can take anybody from one end of the country to the other with surprising speed. And the bullet trains are impressive technology, moving at 200 miles per hour through the country. But, like any other technology, they can be...

Kids Walker Cyclops Mech

Japan Sells $20K Mech For Kids (video)

Rich kids in Japan can bug their parents to dish out $20,000 for a fresh-from-the-factory, pint-sized, ride-able mech for them. These things are rolling out of mecha manufacturers in Japan by Sakakibara Machinery Works and those lucky enough with an extra $20K to spare can snatch one up. A while back,...

Nintendo Wii U TVii-1

Nintendo’s Wii U TVii Services Arrives December 20th


I don’t have a Wii U in my possession.  I have, however, used the gaming console, albeit to a limited extent.  So it’s a bit difficult for me to truly comment on the controllers true effectiveness in terms of actual gameplay.  Nevertheless, I’d like to think Nintendo’s TVii feature, which works...