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iRig - 1

Exclusive: iRig And Amplitube For The iPhone Review


Amplitube has alway been widely recognized as a premier tone shaping plug-in and stand alone application that has pretty much become synonymous with all things associated with digital recording.  IK Multimedia has now taken their tried and true GrooveMaker formula and applied it to Amplitube.  Aimed at guitarists and bass...


Amplitude iRig


Man is IK Multimedia bringing the music apps to the iPhone.  Line 6 beat them to the guitar-iPhone interface module but the Amplitude iRig looks to be a bit cooler and effectively it turns your iPhone into a guitar effects processor.  I’m anxious to test one out and see what...


Prison’s File Bill To Block Cell Phone Signals


I don’t know if you’ve heard, but inmates are now using cell phones to commit and orchestrate crimes in and beyond prison walls. To combat this prison officials from 26 states have signed a bill that has been approved by the Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee to allows correction...