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Bond Girls

Bond Girls And Their Gadgets (list)


Ah, Bond, James Bond. No superstar has had more gadgets, guns, and glamor. And Bond has a litany of gadgets to use, a fixture of the series that Ian Fleming spun out of his own experience as an espionage agent. It must be said though, that it was Hollywood that...

Daniel Craig

Bond 24 Coming to Theaters End of 2015, Mendes to Direct


I grew up watching the James Bond films thanks to my father’s penchant for cars, women, and all things British.  Casino Royale will ever remain as one of the best Bond films in my book.  “Skyfall”, however, while executed effectively, lacked a screenplay and plot that warranted a second watch...

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Casino Royale LEGO Remake is a Must Watch (video)


I can’t get enough James Bond.  I’ve been watching the films since a young and tender age thanks to my father.  And to this day I can watch the classics again and again without hesitation.  A few of them are currently streaming on Netflix, which makes the process all the easier....

James Bond 007 Miniature Vehicles Set

James Bond 007 Miniature Vehicles Set Celebrates 50 Years

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We fancy ourselves James Bond fans.  If any one of the many iconic films is to air on TV, and we happen by it, you can pretty much guarantee we’ll stick around and watch, commercials included.  In addition to the gadgetry that Bond has the luxury of adorning (Biometric gun included in...