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$60 Apple Peel Teams Up With Jailbroken iPod Touch


GoSolarUSA is the company that, after having signed a deal Tuesday, is now the U.S. distributor of the quirky Apple Peel, a device which can be attached to your iPod Touch and gives it iPhone functionality. “The brothers who invented this Apple Peel probably ran down a list of how...

iPhone OS 4.0 Already Jailbroken (video)


[GR]TmgriOT_9kI[/GR] The iPhone OS 4.0 was announced only yesterday (yay multi-tasking!), and already its been jailbroken by the always-crafty Dev Team. Of course, this doesn’t mean the official release will feature the same security flaws that allowed the exploit to happen. But I’m just guessing they’ll find a way to...

Styletap iphone

StyleTap: Palm OS On The iPhone (if it’s jailbroken)


There’s a small, but vocal, contingent of ex-Palm OS users who have switched over to the iPhone but crave their old Palm apps. Their cries have finally been answered by the people at StyleTap, who have just released an emulator program for the Palm OS up to version 5.2. Be...

Stacks iPhone Application

Stacks Software Adds Mac OS X Stacks To The iPhone


‘Stacks’ have long existed in Apple’s Mac OS, but what about the iPhone?  They are now thanks to ‘Stacks’, a piece of software that you can add to your iPhone, that is assuming it’s Jailbroken (aka hacked). Much like Mac’s OS you can add multiple applications (in Mac OS X...