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Funnell Combines A Backpack And A Jacket


If you’re somewhere rainy and you have to commute, you know all too well the annoyance that comes from having to lug both a backpack and your jacket, let alone ensure that your jacket covers your backpack so nothing crucial in your bag gets soaked. But what if you could...


H2Flow Jacket Controls Your Body Temperature


If you live somewhere that “enjoys” cold temperatures, you’re probably aware of the relative crudeness of the standard jacket when it comes to temperature control. They’re built to keep you from dying of hypothermia, not comfort. Helly Hansen, which has been working on this problem since, oh, the nineteenth century,...


Modu Modular Cell Phone Finally Launches…In Israel


For those of you looking to get your hands on a Modu cell phone, the phone that wears jackets, you’ll have to wait until later this year or take that Birth Right trip to Israel that you’ve been debating. Starting today, Cellcom Israel customers can purchase a limited quantity of...


Metallica To Release An iPod Friendly Jacket


Metallica, one of the best metal bands ever, is releasing a customized jacket with Skullcandy speakers and yes, an iPod dock connector. Sound ironic? Remember back in the days when prominent recording artists sued Napster for promoting piracy? Metallica was one of them. Who could have forgotten their tirades against...


Hooded Jacket With A Built-in Inflatable Pillow

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When I travel I don’t strap on a suit and winged tipped shoes. Hell no.  I’m in Vans (I wear those regardless) and a hooded sweatshirt.  Comfort and convenience is a must when negotiating air travel, that’s why this jacket with an inflatable hood from design student Rahel Ritchie is...