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Stay Warm This Winter With Nike’s Tech Fleece Aeroloft Windrunner Jacket

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There are jackets and then there is the Nike Tech Fleece Aeroloft Windrunner Jacket that offers maximum warmth infused with street style that only Nikes knows how to perfect. And for $350, it better do its job of keeping you super warm during the coming chilly months. The Versatile Style...

Ninja Hooded Jacket 1

Ninja Hooded Jacket Makes For A Simple Halloween Costume


Not in the mood to go all out for Halloween? Fret not ’cause you can still get in the festive mood without having to bust out an outrageous costume by wearing the Rippling Shadows Ninja Hooded Jacket by Shinobi. Although it looks like a regular black hooded jacket, it features...

Zipp Up Optic Jacket

The Best Jacket for a Snow Ball Fight, But Not A Fist Fight


Cold winters are inevitable, hence why it’s called winter.  So skimping on the appropriate clothing to circumvent frostbite, or the very least that nagging chill that runs down your spine as you step into 20 F degree weather, is never a good idea.  Fold a snowball fight into the mix,...

Klymit Ulaar Jacket

Klymit Ulaar Jacket


Klymit’s Ulaar Jackets aren’t like any traditional jacket you own given it uses argon gas as an innovate insulator that will definitely keep you warm. So when you’re a bit too chilly, you pump the jacket full of the argon gas and then when you’re nice and toasty, you get...

Tent Jacket - 15

JakPak Tent Jacket Review

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Some things were meant to go together.  Peanut butter and chocolate is a prime example.  Other things, while sounding good on paper, just don’t work as well when it comes to the final product.  The JakPak Tent Jacket is one of those products.  Extremely niche’ in its approach, the JakPak...


JakPak Tent Jacket Combinantion


Probably the best thing a homeless person could find at GoodWill is the JakPak Tent Jacket.  Illustrated above, the JakPak is very similar to the inflatable jacket we saw last week.  With room enough to fit a mummy style sleeping bag for extra warmth this jacket will also be awesome...

Ice Jacket

Ice Jacket Chills Booze To 20 Degrees F


I’m not a fan of chilled booze, but for those of you that are you might wanna take a looksy at the Ice Jacket.  It actually sounds and looks a ton cooler than it actually is.  That base you see, well, it’s just a base.  The system includes a plastic...


Star Wars Superstar Darth Vader Track Top, Includes Removable Chest Plate and Cape


Here’s one sure fire way to pin yourself as the biggest Star Wars geek in the room: the Star Wars Superstar Track Top Darth Vader.  The back features an ever so faint image of Darth’s mask, but more importantly you can detach the hood, cape and chest plate if you’re...

NorthFaceiPod Jacket

Pricey New The North Face Jackets With iPod Controls


Screw the THE.  The North Face just sounds too pretentious.  Two new North Face jackets have surfaced with exterior iPod controls so you don’t have to be futzing around with exposed hands this winter. Looking a little different from each other, the Femophonic Women’s jacket and the Men’s Hustle Audio...


Helly Hansen’s Latest Jacket Automatically Adjusts Its Warmth Factor


With winter just around the corner, many of you living in inclement climates will warmly welcome Helly Hansen’s latest jacket.  The Odin PCM jacket features a fabric called Phase Change Material that can either increase or decrease its insulating abilities according to your body’s temperature.  Apparently, the material is often...