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iTunes Radio

iTunes Radio Review


Tunes Radio from Apple launched last month on September 18th as an free, ad-supported streaming music service that can be accessed from all Apple devices, including all current  iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac, PC, and Apple TV models using iOS 7.x for mobile or OS 10.7.x (Mountain Lion) and the...


Nissan Gets iTunes Radio Exclusively


iOS 7 has brought all sorts of goodies to the yard, and one of those goodies is iTunes Radio. But if you were hoping to replace your local radio stations with custom streaming music, and considering how awful radio is who can blame you, you might want to start loving...


Logitech Bluetooth Speakers Z600 Review


s of late, Logitech has really gotten into the multi-device world. The accessory maker has not only made more (and better) cases, keyboards, and other peripherals for smart devices, it has made them functional with multiple devices as well. Keyboards like the K760, K810, and K811 — all excellent keyboards...