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Apple iPad-1

Offical Apple iPad Product Page Up


Apple’s iPad product page is officially up.  Along with it comes a video of Apple big wigs saying ‘best’ one hundred billion times and raving how wonderful the device is.  My take?  It’s a giant iPhone.  But where’s the GPS and camera? Design page Tech specs Gallery Pricing Read...

apple iPad

Apple iPad Revealed (updated)


Apple unveiled the long awaited iPad today. Here’s what we know so far: Price: starting at $499 (16GB model) $599 gets you the 32GB model $699 gets you the 64GB model $130 gets you the 3G version 3G models shipping in 90 days, WiFi models in 60 days 10 hour...


More ‘iTouch’, ‘iPad’ Rumors Emerge


At this point its anyone’s guess to when and if the ‘iPad’ or ‘iTouch‘ computer will ever hit the market.  Okay, it’s probably not a question of ‘if’, but ‘when’.  Now iLounge says they’ve got the scoop on the touch screen computer from an insider that “correctly called the iPod...