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Thor Nightlight

Check Out this Glowing Thor Night Light Hammer


If you thought the Avengers USB sticks were cool, check out this night light, the glowing Thor Night Light. I’m not quite sure how it’s “installed”, but the pics on the product page would have you believe that it easily embeds in your wall.  I think not, and in fact...

Real-Life-Ironman-Suit (1)

10 Movie Worthy Homemade Iron Man Suits (list)

Iron Man 3 is now playing in theaters and is one of the highest grossing movies thanks to the millions of movie goers and fans going to check out the action flick this past weekend. To commemorate the summer blockbuster’s success, here are a couple of awesome homemade Iron Man...


Iron Man 3 Mark 42 Hand USB Flash Drive

Info Think’s Iron Man 3 Hand USB Flash Drive is just the companion that Marvel Iron Man fans need to hold all their top secret info on (or school/work info). The 16GB flash drive looks like Iron Man’s infamous robotic hand with the USB stick at the bottom of the...

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