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iRiver Story Eyes A Piece of Amazon’s Kindle Market


Seems the competition for a piece of Amazon’s coveted Kindle market has already started to boil up out of the woodwork.  iRiver’s Story is one of the first off the block. Formerly a major player in the Flash-based MP3 market, iRiver’s been having a lot of troubles in its home...


iRiver Trickles Out Details On Their E200 PMP


iRiver, which keeps plugging along and releasing new products despite the domineering iPod and iPhone, has officially announced their E200 PMP.  It features a 2.8-inch 320×240 LCD, USB input, 3.5mm headphone jack and support for a variety of audio and video codecs.  iRiver says a single charge will get 17...


iRiver SpeedoLZR Racer Aquabeat MP3 Player Submerges


I assure you the Borg are not invading (Star Trek reference).  In fact you’re looking at the cobranded iRiver SpeedoLZR Racer Aquabeat MP3 player.  If you haven’t figured it out, the SpeedoLZR Racer Aquabeat is completely waterproof up to 9 feet and includes 2GB of storage and an 8 hour...


iRiver P7: Another PMP With A Touchscreen


I'm not sure how we missed the iRiver P7 at CES, but I'm blaming it on the iRiver employee/actor. The P7 PMP has a 4.3-inch touchscreen with a 480 x 272 resolution. The unit will be available in a variety of capacities (4/8/16/32GB), which can be expanded courtesy...


iRiver Launches The Wave & Announces Release Date


iRiver has plans to compete with the iPhone, albeit in the Korean Market. Early next year, the company will launch the Wave, a cell phone complete with PMP functionality.  It will sport a 3-inch 480×272 touchscreen, 4GB of internal storage, a miniSD card slot for expansion, hand writing recognition, embedded...


iRiver SPINN Shipping Date Exposed (aka preorder)


If you’ve been holding out for the iRiver SPINN PMP in hopes of acquiring one this holiday season, then you’re in luck.  iRiver will start shipping the 4GB and 8GB models on October 2nd.  Prices?  $250 and $290 respectively.  No word on the 16GB model, though. You can preorder here...


iRiver Spinn (video)

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I don’t know too much, but nor do I follow the MP3 market that closely.  The Spinn will come in 4GB, 8GB and 16GB sizes, ship with Bluetooth and a dedicated 3D acceleration chip of some sort.  Expect it to hit the retail market this month. Hit the ‘leap’ to...