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HP EliteDisplay E27i 27-inch 1080p Display Review


For the gambling consumer, the monitor price-waiting game is largely over. It seems the price drop in 27in displays has screeched to a low-cost halt. Early last year high end 1080p and 1440p monitors were seeing their heavier price tags slashed left and right. Now HP flings their business-class EliteDisplay...

apple-ipad-mini-pr (1)

Retina iPad Mini Now Available in the Apple Store, Starts at $399


Just in case you missed it, Apple’s Retina iPad Mini is now available for purchase. At a glance, the Retina iPad Mini looks identical to its predecessor, save for the slightly thicker “waistline” and a tad bit more weight.  Both of those should be moot concerns, though, especially seeing as...

iPhone 5 Camera

12 Reasons the iPhone 5S Camera is Significantly Better than the iPhone 5’s (list)


Your smartphone’s camera is very important and phone manufactures knows this. Long gone are the days where you need to carry around a point and shoot with you to capture special moments since your smartphone now doubles as your primary shooter (and video recorder). And no one knows this better...

Nexus 7 v2

Nexus 7 (2013) First Impressions: You Won’t Be Disappointed


all me a convert, call me traitor, but 8 months ago I jumped ship to Android – the Nexus 4 to be more specific – and aside from my photography woes, I’ve never looked back.  To be completely fair, the Android experience isn’t necessarily better, but just slightly different, more...

LG 27EA83-D_2

LG 27EA83-D 27 Inch ColorPrime IPS LED WQHD Monitor Review


I don’t do well with conformity. I only do the Facebook thing because it’s practically mandatory for the type of work I do. It’s the same situation with Twitter. I love to game but I don’t own a console and I ride my bike more places than I drive.  Make...

HP Pavilion 27xi_2

HP Pavilion 27xi 27-inch IPS LED Backlit Monitor Review


Today we are graced with another display using an edge-to-edge glass design. The HP 27xi 27-inch IPS LED backlit monitor just arrived and it’s a looker. We found the AOC I2757FH to be a great HD display with fashionable looks, great picture quality and a plethora of on-screen display options...

Gadget Review Daily Deals: 19 THQ games $25, Dell IPS panel Monitor $153, iPod Touch $90

Gadget Review Daily Deals: 19 THQ games $25, Dell IPS panel Monitor $153, iPod Touch $90


With THQ filing Chapter 11, it only follows that many of their top video games go on sale. This week Amazon has a “THQ Mega Pack” for $24.99. It includes nineteen popular PC download games from THQ. Titles include Darksiders II, Saints Row: The Third, Company of Heroes GOTY, and...

HP Envy Beats

HP Jams Beats Audio into their Envy 27-inch IPS Monitor, Costs $500


Those with a penchant for high-end audio and an obsession with all things hip hop, might wanna take a look at this new 27-inch IPS monitor from HP. Hip hop you ask?  Dr. Dre is just one of two people behind the Beats brands, and now the company is jamming...

Sony Tap 20-002

Hands On with Sony’s Tap 20 Touchscreen Windows 8 Mobile Computer

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Until recently, usable touchscreen computers have been more marketing spin than reality.  That isn’t to say these gesticulating influenced machines haven’t existed.  In fact, quite the opposite.  They’ve simply lacked an operating system, aside from iOS and Android, that have been well suited for prodding and poking.   Enter the...

LG Optimus G vs S3

Samsung Galaxy S III vs LG Optimus G (Comparison)


The latest flagship smartphone from LG, the Optimus G, is no laughing matter. Past LG handsets have been lackluster, but don’t let that stop you from considering the Optimus G as a potential next phone. It’s a bold new step for the company that I wholly endorse. From my short...

ASUS Transformer Prime TF700T-8751

ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity TF700T Review


In the range of 10” tablets, the iPad reigns supreme. At just 9.7”, it is the unstoppable force that no company has managed to put a serious dent into for over two years. And while companies like Samsung have tried, their products have failed by comparison alone. ASUS has the...