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Kitchen Scale iPod Dock

World’s First: A Kitchen Scale With A Built-in iPod Dock


So before you completely dismiss the Rihanna Kitchen Scale with built-in iPod dock, consider how often you listen to music while cooking?  Ah, ah, that’s right, now you know what I’m talking about.  But, yeah, seriously, this is beyond gimmick.  If you look closely the 2-watt speaker resides just underneath...


Gadget Rumor: Apple Press Event September 9th


Word on the street is that Apple will hold a press conference on Wednesday, September 9th.  Historically speaking the Cupertino company has announced new iPods around this time, so if you’ve got expectations for a touchscreen laptop, now called the ‘iPad‘ by many a bloggers, you can probably forget it. ...


iHome’s New iP1 “Studio Series” UpScale iPod Speaker Docks


iHome, the makers of the original iPod clock docks, is entering the realms of higher audio with the iP1.  Looking as if it would fit perfectly in Patrick Bateman’s apartment (American Psycho), the iP1 should hit retailers around the middle of July for $300.  Featuring digital signal processing by Jon...

Griffin PowerDock 4 1

Gadget Review: Griffin Power Dock 4 For iPhone/iPod


It's often more than likely that American families and households have more that one Apple product. I myself have an iPhone and an iPod Classic. The Griffin PowerDock 4 for iPhones & iPods is an awesome choice for any family or bunch of roommates that wants to have...


icePod: Eat What You Have


Jack Donaghy says never talk down on synergy. I think he would be very proud of this product. The icePod Klondike style ice cream bar screams for media placement. It looks pretty tasty and appears to have some layered chocolate action going on. This is definitely...