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Sanwa’s WaterProof iPhone Case


Now this looks kind of cool.  With a similar design to the dry bags that I bring to the river, this lanyard style waterproof case is the first I have seen specifically for the iPhone/ iPod Touch.  Letting you touch and use the phone through the case is a huge...


Clue iPhone Game Review


Clue is one of those classic board games that you undoubtedly played as a child before your parents bought you a video game console.  Mashing the two together, EA games has brought Clue to the iPhone and iPod Touch for only $5. Offering a very streamlined approach, Clue works extremely...


Gadget Rumor: New iPod Touches To Get Camera Action

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Like the Jennifer Aniston movie, rumor has it that the new batch of iPod Touches for this September will contain cameras capable of shooting video like the one found in the current iPhone 3Gs.  Cyber Steve Jobs and friends are taking aim at the digital camcorder market and have allegedly...


Jam Jacket Game Case For The Avid iPod Touch Gamer


One of the inherent challenges with gaming on the iPod Touch is its slim build.  Prolonged periods of horizontal game play will surely lead to a cramped hand, that is unless of course you add something to improve its grip.  The Jam Jacket Game case from DLO is crafted from...