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Next iPod Touch To Have Two Cameras, Retina Display


Rumors have been going on for a few months now that the next version of Apple’s iPod Touch would feature iPhone 4 features. Confirming this, Daring Fireball’s John Gruber said very matter-of-factly in a post about the Dell Streak yesterday that “if you wait a few weeks to buy the Touch,...

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Rumor: New iPod Touch To Get HD Recording, FaceTime


Rumors hit today that Apple’s next version of the iPod Touch will feature HD video recording and the FaceTime app currently featured on the iPhone 4, with a marketing focus on teens. This information makes a lot sense — the iPod Touch update comes out in September as school’s starting,...

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JVC Kaboom RV-NB50 iPod Boombox Review


Truth be told, at the end of the day most iPod speaker docks just aren’t loud enough.  Sure they may sound good, but often end up distorted when cranked at a higher volume.  If they even can get that loud.  The JVC RV-NB50 does not suffer this problem.  While not...


iPod Touch Prototype With Camera Leaks (video)


Vietnamese site Tinhte is on a roll with the Apple leaks lately, bringing information about what could be the upcoming iPod Touch 4G. Video and pictures show concrete proof that the iPod Touch in question includes the 2MP camera that last year’s model was supposed to have. Serial numbers reveal...

Prototype iPod Touch Camera

Prototype iPod Touch With Camera Appears On eBay


More unfinished Apple hardware leaked this week, but these are a little old –two iPod Touch prototypes with integrated cameras were put up for auction on eBay and then promptly removed. Remember that last fall, rumors abounded that the 3rd generation of the iPod Touch would feature a back-facing camera...


TEAC SR-LUXi iPod/iPhone Dock


Looking like some type of space age Event Horizon or Stargate style speaker dock, the TEAC SR-LUXi is now in its 2nd iteration that supports all things iPod Touch and iPhone this time around.  The SR-LUXi has a LED lamp that is meant to be used as a bedside dock...


THQ Announces 3 New Star Wars Games For The iPhone


Today, THQ has announced 3 new Star Wars games available now in the App Store for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and of course, a low-res version for the iPad.  Star Wars: Cantina, LightSaber Duels, and Yoda Soundboard are all brand new games that share the Star Wars license and will...


Robovie mR2 iPod Touch Powered Robot (video)


Looking for new ways to interact with your music? Yeah, me either. But the Robovie mR2 looks cool anyway. The toy robot is controlled by your iPod touch, which docks in its chest. You’ll then be able to control the robot over touchscreen or WiFi, and its supposed to gather...


Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer For The iPhone and iPod Touch


Line 6 has just unveiled the new MIDI Mobilizer for the iPhone and iPod Touch.  Effectively letting you use virtually any MIDI compliant device with your iPhone or iPod Touch, you can record in or send files out with the Mobilizer.  Looks like the iPhone is getting serious when it...