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Apple Upgrades The iPod Touch Ever So Slightly


Hey, remember the iPod Touch? No? Hard to blame you. Apple’s “iPhone without the phone part” hasn’t exactly been one of their focuses as the company has found selling tablets and improving the iPhone to be far more rewarding. But it did finally remember it sells these things, and gave...

Poppy main

Poppy 3D Camera Review


D photography requires two lenses in order to create depth in an image — so the specialized camera has had to be expensive and complicated to use. But wouldn’t it make sense to use the camera that everyone carries with them all the time in their cellphone? But how to...


GadgetReview Weekly Recap


We write about a lot here at GadgetReview. So much so, that you may have missed out on something really interesting and useful. That is why, starting this week, we’ll be posting a weekly recap of a few things we believe you may want to check out. So without further...


8 Reasons the iPod Touch and Nano Will Be Dead Before Year’s End (list)


If you haven’t noticed, Mp3 files have practically become the primary way that people listen to music. Whether at home, in the office, or on the go, the majority of us are using one device or another to listen to Mp3 playback. With the number of devices that play Mp3’s...

Logitech PowerShell Controller with Battery for iPhone 5/5S 5G

Get Your Gaming Fix with the Logitech PowerShell Controller with Battery for iPhone 5/5S 5G


Like to play games on your iPhone 5s? Then you seriously need to get the Logitech PowerShell Controller with Battery for iPhone 5/5S 5G  that features precise analog console-style controls that allow you to dominate your favorite mobile game! The device features a D-pad shoulder triggers and button cluster all move your...


How to Create an Eye Mesmerizing Parallax Wallpaper in iOS 7

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The parallax effect in Apple’s iOS 7 was designed to give the phone display a sense of depth, using layers rather than simple drop shadows on icons which can be limiting. That is, at least, what lead designer Jony Ive said he was trying to do with the feature. Ive...


Phiaton Bridge MS 500 On-Ear Headphones Review


I’m looking at another set of cans from Phiaton’s Moderna Series. The company selects the most stylish offerings they can conjure for admittance in the M-Series and the Phiaton Bridge MS 500 fit the bill with ample flair, and go on to surprise with their comfort. It’s true, these are...


More Game Deals Beyond Steam Summer Sale + $59 off iPod Touch

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While the 2013 Steam Summer Sale is garnering the most PC gamers attention, the digital retailer Green Man Gaming silently released a 30% off coupon code on select recent releases. The June 25th hit release Company of Heroes 2, for instance, is only $42 – a new low by $3...

Apple iPod Touch 16GB

Apple Just Issued a New iPod Touch, Told No One


Generally speaking, Apple puts on a “song and dance” when it comes to product announcements.  But every once and a while they sneak a new one in under the radar. Last night, or yesterday at some point, Apple quietly launched a new iPod Touch.  Don’t get too excited, though, as...

HS-930i2 earbuds

Creative Labs HS-930i2 Earbud Headphones Review


I have officially settled on a manner for which to wear those all-too-familiar earbud headsets. After fitting a pair into my ears I take the cord and wrap it once or twice around the upper back of my ears. This helps with support and keeps the darn things from slipping...

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Hate on Tap With The Hater App for iOS


“Hated it!” “Haters gonna hate!” “Drinking Hater-ade out of a Big Gulp…” The doubting-mustafas of the world are in no short supply of battle cries and catch phrases. So Apple AppStore why must you fan the flames of virtual “flaming” by accepting such a submission? It’s the Hater app by–wait...