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Klipsch Stadium

Klipsch Stadium Tabletop Speakers Integrate Apple AirPlay (CES)


Klipsch’s has unveiled three new speakers that are all Apple AirPlay-enabled audio solutions, and the Klipsch Stadium speakers 2.1 tabletop sound solution that features dual 1-inch, horn-loaded tweeters and 3-inch midrange woofers. In addition, these components are combined with dual 5.25-inch, built-in subwoofers to ensure high quality bass output and...

Gavio My Pill

My Pill iPod Nano Speaker


2012 has officially arrived.  And while that might be a tough pill for some to swallow, it probably won’t be nearly as difficult to gulp down as this over sized iPod Nano pill speaker from Gavio. The features are pretty skimpy and no, it doesn’t expand or collapse for the...

Thodio iBox

Big Thodio iBox (video)


[GR]oz2aTmiWA6Q[/GR] Portable speakers are a dime a dozen.  Sure, many of them sound great, but how many of them look good as well?  And hence why we’re so attracted to the new iBox (remember the original?).  We haven’t had an opportunity to get our mitts on one, but if it...

Soulra iPod Speaker Dock

Solar Powered And Rugged iPod Speaker System


Summer is upon us which means beach, pool, picnics and more.  But what’s an outing without some tunes.  This solar powered iPod Speaker dock is apparently the first of its kind (I don’t buy that).  Flipping open the protective lid, which is rated to IPX-4 when closed – that means...