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ODDIO1 Headphones

ODDIO1: Cord-Free iPod Shuffle Headphones (video)


If you workout then you’ve probably at sometime in your life got tripped up by your headphone cord draped from your ears to your pocket.  When the Shuffle was introduced it hardly resolved this issue, but since Apple released the model that included a built-in spring loaded belt clip we...


The Evolution of the iPod: 10 Years and Counting (video/pics)


It’s hard to imagine life without an iPod. It’s been embedded into our everyday lives and incorporated into popular culture. It’s changed the way we listen to music, watch videos, play games, exercise, drive, interact with friends and more! Apple’s iconic media player even changed the music industry, shaking up...

Elecom iPod Shuffle Headphones

iPod Shuffle Headphones


MP3 player headsets aren’t exactly ground breaking news, but when it involves an Apple product the blogging wheels get a turnin’ and in a hurry. Elecom’s Actrail headphones are your standard wrap around headphones, with the exception that they’ve got an iPod Shuffle compatible plug built right into the phone...

iPod Shuffle Spy Camera

iPod Shuffle Spy Camera

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Believe it or not this is a spy cam.  Yup, it looks just like the recently released iPod Shuffle, so it should have no problems fitting it.  To the right of the controls is a pinhole that contains a small camera that can capture 640×480 video.  Unlike the actual Apple...

iPod Shuffle Rumor

Rumor: New iPod Shuffle Leaked?


The iPod Shuffle doesn’t get as much recognition as Apple’s other devices, but it does serve a very useful purpose as an affordable MP3 player and serves a good use for runners. Which is why I got excited that a new device, that could be the new Shuffle,  leaked today...


Apple Patents New Headset MP3 Player

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Once again, Apple has blown us all away with its relentless flood of gadgetry, as a new patent has emerged. It’s about what you’d get if you managed to combine an iPod Shuffle with a Bluetooth headset, and what it’s being called right now is a headset MP3 player. You...