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Polk Audio I-Sonic HD Radio And iPod Speaker System Review

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I’m surprised how many people still don’t know what HD Radio is.  The best way I can describe it is that every major radio station that you know has an HD version and is simultaneously broadcast with its analog version.  Simple right?  Admittedly I had gone years without ever hearing...


iPod Dock Meet Photon Ball


This is totally ‘Weird Science’ meets iPod.  Yup, perched atop this here iPod dock with an alarm clock is the once hyper popular Photon Ball.  The product descriptions says that it will react to the beat of the music, but something tells me, or at least hopes it’s also touch...


iLuv iMM153 iPod Dock Clock With Bed Shaker


For those of you who love pressing snooze for a good hour before rising but wish you had better willpower, enter the iLuv iMM153.  All the normal clock dock functions apply here with the exception of the bed shaker.  The product page doesn’t really divulge how it works exactly so...


JVC Rolls Out New Flip Dock iPod Boombox, The UX-LP5

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While it’s far from a ‘game changer’, JVC introduced a new HiFi stereo system with a flip out iPod Dock, today.  Called the UX-LP5 it features a front facing USB input, 70 watts total power, 2-way bass reflex speakers, digital tuner and a video out for playing back movies and...


eWoo eFizz Travel Speaker For iPod Review


While iPod speakers are a dime a dozen these days, it’s often hard to find a really good one for the money.  Ewoo, while sounding like an overseas car manufacturer actually makes a travel speaker dock for the iPod called the eFizz Travel. Boasting up to 20 hours of wireless...


TailGater iPod & Instrument Combo Speaker


As a “musician” the very first thing I questioned about the TailGater is whether or not it will sound good.  Guitar amps are generally tailored for certain specific frequencies indicative of a guitar, bass, etc.  They also are generally mono.  So combining an instrument amplifier with an iPod speaker dock...

Griffin Simplifi

Gadget Review: Griffin Simplifi


With the everyday clutter arising around your computer from having too many gadgets (is there such a thing?!), the Griffin Simplifi offers you an easy and compact solution to help you organize mounting untidiness [...]...