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Personal Genome Machine

Personal Genome Machine Advances The DNA Revolution


Life Technolgies goes to work on applying the recent tech capabilities it acquired with its purchase of sequencing firm Ion Torrent. A benchtop printer-sized DNA sequencing machine based on PostLight semiconductor technology takes a full step off the sequencing procedure, making it possible to go directly from chemical base to...


TimeCommand Round iPod Alarm Clock Dock


Stem Innovation seems to be a completely new company, whose sole purpose is making Apple compatible devices, of which they are currently only selling two: a pair of speakers and the TimeCommand – an alarm clock dock for the iPhone/iPod/iPad. You could probably put it anywhere, but it’s meant to...


Speakal iPig iPod Dock For The Schlock-Queen In You


Speakal does not spare any expenses, or any dignity, in their race towards amassing as many shockingly unique iPod docks as they can. Or maybe it’s a race towards being seen as the gaudiest gadget maker of the bunch. And while there may be a large bunch of gadget makers,...

Xtrememac Tango TRX-1

Xtrememac Tango TRX 2.1 iPod Dock Speaker System Review


[rating: 4/5] At first blush Xtrememac’s Tango TRX looks like any other iPod dock speaker. After all, it does have a speaker and the quintessential 30-pin dock connector (compatible with the iPad, iPhone and iPod).  Aesthetically it’s rather easy on the eyes thanks to the minimalist design and my personal...

JBl Soundstage 4

JBL Sound Stage IV


We gotta hand it to JBL.  In the grotesquely crowded marketplace of iPod Docks they’ve managed to conjure up a design that is eye catching, though it’s probably not the most aesthetically pleasing. The On Stage IV iPod/iPhone dock has four full-range transducers and a Weave design that JBL says...

Panasonic Mw-20

Panasonic MW-20 iPhone LCD Photo Frame


Panasonic’s latest digital photo frame, the MW-20, is 9-inch LCD complete with stereo speakers and an iPod dock. Yes, it should work with your iPhone, so you can now rest easy knowing that you can display photos direct from the handset or watch a movie on the high rez screen....

Octive Duo

Altec Lansing Octiv Duo


Before you skip ahead on this post – you know, since it’s another iPod dock – consider this: you can Shuffle music from both iPod docks.  Cool, huh?  The Altec Lansing Octiv Duo of course charges both devices at the same time and has a USB port for 3rd party...


ReflexDock Pro Brings Your iPhone 4 To Your HDTV


The ReflexDock Pro isn’t the first iPod/iPhone Dock to output video, but it does have the distinction of being compatible with the new iPhone 4 while sporting a stylish design. It’ll output the phone’s 720p video content to your HDTV while charging the phone, and it can also sync to...


Speakal iCrystal Dock Is Super Futuristic


Speakal’s got an interesting design going on with their new iCrystal Dock. Two spherical pods house an illuminated teardrop design with an ambient blue light around the rim of the speaker. Basically, they look cool. Touch controls on the base adjust the volume and tracks as well. No word yet...


Soccer Ball iPod Dock Preps Your House For The World Cup


The World Cup is a huge deal for European football fans (and some Americans), and for the most hardcore of them, what better way to celebrate than by getting the Speakal miSoccer iPod Dock. The 2.1 speaker setup offers 360 degrees of sound — perfect for playing MP3s of team...