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GadgetReview Weekly Recap


We write about a lot here at GadgetReview. So much so, that you may have missed out on something really interesting and useful. That is why, starting this week, we’ll be posting a weekly recap of a few things we believe you may want to check out. So without further...

Apple Hardware

5 Ways Apple Forces Us to Buy New Hardware, Year After Year (list)


A certain question is asked whenever Apple comes out with an major operating system upgrade or an overhaul of their hardware: Is the Cupertino company really creating products with a limited shelf-life, also known as “planned obsolescence”? No doubt it’s upsetting to many when, after a significant upgrade to their...


RadioVault: Hide Your Stuff In An iPhone Dock


Many of us have iPhone docks on our nightstands. They’re simple, they’re innocuous, and most thieves won’t give them a second thought. At least, that’s what RadioVault is hoping.   RadioVault is, as you may have guess, a place to hide your valuables disguised as a standard MP3 player/clock radio....

Chrome for iOS Update Adds New Features

Chrome for iOS Update Adds New Features


Update time! Google has lived up to their promise and as just released an new update for iOS that now comes with new features that will make life easier when using Chrome with your iPhone, iPod or iPad. The best thing is that it can now bypass Apple’s Siri and...

Sony MDR-1R

Sony MDR-1R Premium Headphones Review


Sadly, we have not done much investigation into the selection of headphones recently on offer from Sony. Today changes all that as we take in a massive earful of their newest set of high end cans, the Sony MDR-1R Premium Headphones were announced just last month, along with the company’s...

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