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iPhone Game Impression: MagnetRox By Spawn Studios (video)

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For some reason puzzle games have never been able to hold my attention for very long.  Maybe they just took a back seat to the more action oriented games I always ended up playing instead.  Whatever the case may have been, I recently had the opportunity to try out MagnetRox...


Gadget Rumor: Netflix Streaming Coming To The iPhone?


According to an industry source familiar with Netflix’s future plans, the DVD rental company will be bringing their streaming service to an iPhone near you (and the Nintendo Wii).  Of course, this news wasn’t a question of if, but when as Netflix opened up their API to any willing participant...


Kensington Serves Up iPhone Dock With Backup Battery


Following in the foot steps of Griffin’s PowerDuo Reserve battery packs, Kensington has introduced an iPod/iPhone charger that includes a battery pack. As you can the battery charges while your iPhone charges, which should some how insure that you always have backup power. Unlike Griffin’s offering, though, Kensington’s Dock Charger...

MagnetRox iPhone Game Redemption Codes


Please leave a comment when you’ve redeemed a code so that other people don’t have to find out they’ve already been used. NAK444RFMF9J MF7MXNWFWHLN 6KWPM63XWJE6 HNTTL9F4J49E FKKM3FXEKEE6 W49LNMNPRLKP EWYEP6R7KTJ9 LN36AWK3M979 YE44NRTXMEH7 LXLKW9JMT33L...


New Scosche IDR350M Earphones Do It All


On sale now at the Scosche website are the new IDR350M Noise Isolating Earphones.  Especially tailored for the iPhone 3GS and the 3rd Gen Shuffle, these earphones host a bevy of features, which include: play/pause controls, adjust volume, skip tracks, navigate playlists, record voice memos, activate the voice control feature...