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Elephant Steady Keeps Your iPhone Video Smooth As Silk


If you’re on YouTube at all, two things stand out. The first is that the iPhone might be the single most popular method of filming spontaneous action as it happens. The second is that most people don’t understand that they wobble like a Jenga tower when filming video on their...


GoRigIt Combines Your Two Favorite Cameras


The GoPro has redefined film and video. The little guys are absolutely everywhere and enormously popular. Similarly, iPhones are absolutely everywhere and enormously popular. And now, somebody has finally come up with a way to effectively combine the two. iGoPro The Gorigit is essentially a way to combine your two...


A Redesigned Typo 2 Case for iPhone Up For Pre-orders


Remember the Typo cover which was released for the iPhone 5/5S last year? The accessory managed to grab a lot of attention since it’s was founded by Ryan Seacrest, and even came under a lot of scrutiny as well after getting sued by Blackberry for patent infringement. Now, the creators...


NomadPlus Transforms Your iPhone Wall Plug Into A Portable Charger


The folks at Nomad have some interesting products under their name. We’ve already done a detailed review of their pocket-friendly ChargeKey and ChargeCard USB cables which comes with both microUSB and lightning connector options. Recently, the company has announced another innovative product dubbed as NomadPlus, which transforms the iPhone wall...


Ultrapak Tour Gets Your Phone Charged Fast


Dead batteries on your phone are always annoying, but the problem can get a lot worse when you’ve got the battery, and your phone takes forever to get charged up. Sometimes you’re impatient, sometimes you just need to get on the horn fast, but if you need power in your...

skye main

skye WiFi Music Receiver Review


pple doesn’t give warning when it decides to make a major change, and those who invested in a 30 pin audio dock felt betrayed when they upgraded their iPhones/iPads to lightning connector models. And since many of these docks didn’t have Bluetooth built-in, the only way to play music from...

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IK Multimedia iRing Review


ouch screens have spoiled most of us when it comes to interacting with our devices — after all, isn’t touching an icon simpler and quicker than having to tap it with a stylus? But lost in all this is the desire that preceded all this — what I call “Abracadabra”,...

HTC One M8 Harmon Kardon-0527

HTC One M8 Harmon Kardon Edition Review


Today’s best smartphones don’t joke around. It’s no longer enough to have a good camera, high-grade bright and colorful display, plenty of available memory, strong build, and other features; they have to stand out. Some of my favorites do this in interesting ways: the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 had a...