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Peri Duo Combines iPhone Battery Case and Mini Speakers

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The Peri Duo is a fun iPhone project that turns your phone into a mini boombox, a sound amplifier reminiscent of past decades but cool enough to be worth consideration today. If you don’t have room for a separate Bluetooth speaker, the Peri Duo case has you covered. The “Duo”...

Braven Speaker

Braven Bluetooth Speakers

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A2DP, as in Bluetooth audio, can be a serious battery drain on your smartphone.  Braven is totes aware of this caveat and as a result has launched three new speakers all designed to charge your smartphone on the go and provide wireless audio playback. The variation between models isn’t a...

iHome idm70

iHome Announces iDM70 Speaker Sleeve


iHome, which is no stranger to CES, says they’ve got a handful of new products set for demo at this year’s conference.  Most notable of the bunch is the iDM70.  It’s a protective sleeve that incorporates a NXT flat-panel speaker and a rechargeable battery.  The case is made from faux...