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iPhone OS 4 Is Now iOS 4


An interesting part of the WWDC 2010 announcement today was a name change for the iPhone OS, now officially known as the iOS 4. The change makes a lot of sense, since the OS really isn’t iPhone specific anymore — it’s running on the iPad, and if rumors pan out,...

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StyleTap: Palm OS On The iPhone (if it’s jailbroken)


There’s a small, but vocal, contingent of ex-Palm OS users who have switched over to the iPhone but crave their old Palm apps. Their cries have finally been answered by the people at StyleTap, who have just released an emulator program for the Palm OS up to version 5.2. Be...


iPhone 3.0 OS Now Available For Download


Oh and it’s on like Donkey Kong. Yes folks, iPhone 3.0 has finally arrived. You can now get your glorious cut and paste on or hammer out an email in landscape mode to your micromanaging boss. Of course Apple has more to offer than that, 98 more things than that...