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Powerksin Gaming Case


For kids, and adults, gaming gets kicked up a notch during the holidays.  It makes sense since there is more than enough down time.  And by down time, we mean avoiding the family feuds and the barrage of questioning from your aunt regarding your relationship status. So it’s only fitting...

Fight Night Champion

Fight Night Champion Review (iPhone)


[Rating: 4] Boxing is a hell of a sport. MMA has become ridiculously popular recently, but there really isn’t anything like professional boxing. For videogames, boxing is simpler. Just using the arms to punch requires much less button pressing and control than kicking, grappling, etc. Boxing also is also romanticized...


NOVA 2 Review


[Rating: 4.5/5] Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Bungie is just one company that should be flattered then, because while the first NOVA borrowed reluctantly, the followup really took to heart Pablo Picasso’s saying that “great artists steal”. With Gameloft’s sequel, the similarities are no longer an afterthought. They...


iControlPad iPhone Gaming Mod Looks Awesome


I wonder why nobody’s come up with this gadget until now, and why a design like this – a console-like control environment addition to the iPhone – hasn’t been found on people’s wish lists more often. No matter now, the iControlPad is near completion, and it will bring a Nintendo’s...


GameBone iPhone GamePad Accessory

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Playing games on the iPhone, is well, let’s say more of a time passer-byer than a sit down event.  But perhaps with the Gamebone gamepad accessory for the iPhone that will change…for some (I still won’t be gaming on  my iPhone, unless of course it’s Bejeweled). Yes, it does bear...