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iphone highline

Kenu Highline: A Security Leash for Your iPhone


One of the biggest issues with owning an expensive smartphone is the fear of dropping it and breaking it (and consequently having to buy a new expensive smartphone). That fear becomes multiplied when you’re the outdoorsy type. But whether your on the bike trails or on the slopes, Kenu has...


8 of the Best iPhone 6 Plus Cases

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Yes, the iPhone 6+ is the bigger, more phablet version of the iPhone – and it contains some great bonuses like full 1080p HD video. But that extra size also makes it a little easier to drop the Plus, and its bigger screen may be more open to damage. Take...


The MyTask iPhone Case: Should You Kickstart It?


Whenever a Kickstarter comes along, there’s always the inevitable question: Should you Kickstart it? Here’s a look at the latest Kickstarter to come onto our radar, the MyTask iPhone case. What Does It Do? The MyTask iPhone case basically provides a slide-out storage tray underneath your iPhone. The tray can...


TopoCharger Case Transforms Your iPhone Into A GPS Mapping Device


Every major smartphone comes with GPS tracking capabilities, helping users find their way while travelling or during their daily travelling routine in cities and highways. However, there are times when you don’t have GPS connectivity, and there’s no way for you to find the directions using your smartphone, unless you’re...

iPhone 5

10 of the Best iPhone 5 Battery Cases (list)

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A common complaint among iPhone users is the rate at which the battery drains. Regardless of whether it’s poor design by Apple to not include a larger, more powerful battery, or simply a result of increased usage of an amazing device, seeing the low battery warning on your iPhone is troublesome. In...

XPAL Power PowerSkin

PowerSkin – Colorful New Mobile Battery Cases for iPhone 5


Here’s some great news for all you happy iPhone 5 owners. Since its launch, the new iOS favorite has been a hit with a dearth of “powerful” protection. Sure, the iPhone 5 has a smattering of battery-charging protective case solutions, but it’s time for something “saucy,” something vibrant… XPAL Power,...

Waterproof iPhone Case

10 of the Best Waterproof iPhone 5 Cases (list)


Checkout our list of the best iPhone 5 battery cases. Technology and water don’t mix, especially when it comes to phones. Yet, there are some adventurous few who like to live on the edge and take their phones with them everywhere…including in the water. While most of us want at...


12 of the Toughest iPhone 5 Cases (list)


Sometimes you can’t help but drop your phone, but you can make sure to protect it via some of the most tough and durable cases on the market for you iPhone 5. With these cases, you won’t have to worry about any damage to your new iPhone 5 because of...