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iFoolish iPhone Case


When inspiration hits it’s just a matter of whipping out your smartphone and scribbling or jotting down a note in one of many free applications.  Case in point is Paper, which released a few weeks ago for the iOS platform.  However, that isn’t to say you should discount the iFoolish...

Knuckle Case

iPhone Knuckle Case


You’d probably think twice before you messed with anyone sporting a pair of those old school brass knuckles, right?  However, you might break into laughter if anyone whipped out the Knuckle Case and threatened to kick your and your iPhone’s butt. The case is made from solid aluminum, so there...


TAT7 iPhone Case (video)


The iPhone, and smartphones alike, have all but negated the need to carry around a simple point and shoot camera.  However, head to the Great Barrier Reef for a scuba exploration and you’ll want one of those waterproof cameras to capture the coral, fish and whatever other creatures lay beneath...


JuiceTank: iPhone Wall Charging Case


iPhone battery packs can be a God send when in a pinch.  They’re best suited for those on the road, but really they can apply to anyone that doesn’t want to have their phone tethered to the wall.  That said, you still need to charge the battery and for the...


Intoxicase Plus iPhone Case (video)

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It was totally kosher to store and display all beers drank during your college days, but now that you’ve graduated, entered the world of professional bean counters, you gotta seek a more mature, gentlemen like approach.  So how does one keep tally of all the beers they’ve consumed?  Simple, you...

iPhone Pepper Spray Case

iPhone Pepper Spray Case


It’s really is a crying shame that the iPhone stun gun was just vaporware.  Nonetheless, it was a remarkeable idea as echoed by the blogosphere.  Heck, we even wrote about it and while we had odds that it was completely fake, we still hoped one would show up at our...


WipeCoin iPhone Case (video)


[GR]h-exCm8bRs0[/GR] Safe to assume that we’ve seen just about every type of iPhone case that has managed to escape the confines of a Chinese sweat shop.  That is until we received an email today pointing to a case called the WipeCoin.   Honestly, we didn’t know what to expect, but...

iwood 4 iphone case

Miniot iWood 4 iPhone Case


iPhone 4 cases are a dime a dozen.  That said, we’ve seen other wood cases for Apple’s smartphone, but nothing even compares to Miniot’s iPhone 4/4s iWood 4 case.  Why?  The detailing is unparalleled, as it includes a set of wooden, yes wooden volume buttons, a refreshing cool camera port and...


PopSockets iPhone Case (video)


Few iPhone cases offer more than protection. If anything, they might prop your iPhone up such that you can watch it on a plane while placed on the fold out table.  But none offer more utility than the PopSockets iPhone case. Now, we’re not totally wowed by the design, and...