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Bamboo iPhone Case

Grove iPhone 5 Bamboo Case

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Finding the perfect case for your iPhone 5 is no easy task.  After all, the iPhone is thinner than ever, in addition to being lighter.  In fact, the idea of adhering a case to the anodized aluminum body seems to go against logic since the iPhone 5 is not only...

SmartPhocus Product Stills

OWLE iPhone Camera Lens System Now Just $100, Called Phocus


The iPhone 4s, and soon to be released iPhone 5, captures excellent photos despite it being a smartphone.  Fold in a lens and tripod, though, and your photo’s quality will probably increase vastly.  Olloclip’s add-on lens is one option, but is a bit pedestrian.  The alternative?  The Owle system. Last...


Ballistic HC iPhone 4/S Case Review


For the longest time I have been using an OtterBox case that I bought when I got my phone.  Now don’t get me wrong, it was a great case, but everywhere I turned I saw someone else with the same case (that’s what you get when AT&T tries to force...

Vans iPhone Case

Vans iPhone Case is Almost A Shoe


Well isn’t this cute. For those of you that are big fans of Vans, as in the shoe company that originated out of Southern California, then you’ll surely want this iPhone case. So it doesn’t glow green when your iPhone rings, and it most certainly won’t keep your precious Apple...


LEGO iPhone Case, Need We Say More (video)


LEGO will warm the cockle of our hearts no matter the temperature.  The toy is something from our childhood and we’re sure many of you can empathize as well as identify with it.  And that’s why there just isn’t anyway this LEGO smartphone case won’t be a a hit.  It’s...

Sliding Door Case

Sliding Door iPhone Case is Unique, But Bulky (video)

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Storing your car in a garage will keep your vehicle free of dirt and blemishes, especially when the neighbor’s kid comes home at 4am racing down the street and side swiping every car in his path.  Perhaps this was the impetus behind TopKase’s Aegis case? [GR]IGcqZ71k0kc[/GR] The TopKase Aegis case...

Spyder i4

Spyder i4 iPhone Case Review

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Keeping an iPhone charged throughout the day is tough, especially if you live on the smartphone, have emails pushed to you, and (gasp!) use location-aware apps constantly. There are plenty of battery solutions, and several of them are cases too. The Spyder i4 is the first battery case that can...