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iPhone 6 Inkcase

InkCase i6 Gives iPhone a Secondary e-Ink Screen


The inkCase i6 is an iPhone 6 case that can double as an e-reader, allowing you to use the back of your iPhone almost as easily as the front. Think it sounds weird? Read on. Oaxis developed the original InkCase as a crowdfunded project that was successful enough for the...

BuQu Tech PowerArmour iPhone 6 Battery Case

BuQu Tech PowerArmour iPhone 6 Battery Case Review: Get 2 Day’s of Battery Life with the iPhone 6:


The iPhone 6’s battery ain’t half bad.  In fact, with a bit of tweaking, caressing, and light usage, you can easily get 24 hours of use from it.  But the reality of the matter is that no one thinks how to use their phone.  They make calls, text, watch videos,...


Peri Duo Combines iPhone Battery Case and Mini Speakers


The Peri Duo is a fun iPhone project that turns your phone into a mini boombox, a sound amplifier reminiscent of past decades but cool enough to be worth consideration today. If you don’t have room for a separate Bluetooth speaker, the Peri Duo case has you covered. The “Duo”...

augment case

Augment Modular Case and Charging Module Juices Your iPhone When You Need It Most


Battery cases are practically essential of the way many of us use our iPhones these days. I’m on my phone so much that I have to constantly juice it up in fear of it dying out. Battery cases obviously provide more power for you phone, but in most cases, they...

DistilUnion Wally-9934

DistilUnion Wally Wallet for iPhone 5 Review

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hen I say that life revolves around our smartphones, you know I’m not joking. For nearly every service, there’s an app for that. Now we’re at the point where our phones are replacing other everyday items like keys, laptops, and even wallets. Some ideas like the recently announced Jacked are...


Snow Lizard’s SLXtreme Cases for the iPhone and iPad Are THE Rugged Choice, Protects to Military Spec


There are a wide variety of iPad and iPhone cases that can protect your precious smart device from the daily follies that life brings you.  However, none are probably as rugged and feature rich as Snow Lizards line of iPad and iPhone cases. First up is the SLXtreme 5 for...


AL13 AeroSpace Aluminum Bumper for iPhone 5 Review


‘m not a huge fan of bumpers or cases for the iPhone. Apple did a great job of making it look pretty, so who in their right mind would cover that up? It took no time for reality to strike; the drop of my iPhone put things into perspective very quickly....

IronMan Case-1

Iron Man iPhone 5 Case Features an Arc Reactor, Lights Up on Incoming Calls


It’s almost summertime, and that means super hero movies are about to explode onto the silver screen.  Why the summer time?  Hot weather and lack of air conditioning drives people into theaters where they can enjoy a reprieve from the blistering heat.  Not really an issue where I live, but...

Hitcase ChestR Mount-3

Hitcase ChestR Mount Converts Your iPhone into a GoPro

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If GoPro’s Hero 3‘s price tag is a bit too tough for you to swallow, then you might want to look to repurposing your smartphone’s camera.  After all, many smartphones now capture exceptional full HD video, and the iPhone is probably one of the best in its class. Lending a...

Mirror Case

Mirror Case iPhone Case Lets You Snap Clandestine Photos with Your iPhone 4s


Celebrity or not, no one likes having their photo taken by a complete stranger.  The Super-Secret Spy Lens resolves this matter for anyone with a DSLR like camera, but I’ve long wished there was a version for smartphones.  And now there is…sort of. It’s called the Mirror Case.  And while...

iPro Lens System main shot

Schneider Optics iPro Lens System Review


It’s no lie to say that digital imaging has replaced convention film pretty much across the board. Digital cameras by their very nature can provide simpler routes to taking good pictures — with a memory card being the only “price” to pay after the image has been taken, and the...