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10 of the Best Camera Apps for the iPhone

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The native iPhone camera app offers some nice features and its share of presets and color filters. But do you wish your iPhone camera could do a little (or a lot) more? These are the best iPhone camera apps around, whether you want to play around or are looking for...

Belkin Live Action Camera

Belkin Live Action Camera Accessories


The iPhone 4s’ camera, while still not a one for one replacement to a stand alone point and shoot, is most certainly on par and suffices to say the least.  After all, we are talking 8-megapixels of resolution and the ability to capture full HD video.  Not too shabby for...


olloclip iPhone 4 Lens Review

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[rating:4.5/5] The iPhone 4’s camera may not boast the same punch in terms of megapixels as found in some other smartphones, but thanks to Apple’s engineering team and kick ass operating system it’s one of the best smartphone shooters available. However, it’s still a smartphone and as a result its...

Red Pop

Red Pop iPhone Camera Button


The iPhone 4’s camera takes some pretty decent photos.  However, if you stumble to hit the shutter button you could end up with a blurry photograph. The Red Pop is a device that slips onto the dock connector end of your iPhone, and using an accompanying app allows you to...