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How to Get Paid Apps for Free without Jailbreak


Free apps are great, right? But jailbreaking your iPhone and voiding your warranties is not always great: Jailbreaking allows you to unlock your iOS platform so you can download apps outside the app store, but comes with increased danger of malware, plus Apple actively fights against jailbreaking in a number...

Photoshop Touch

10 of the Best Photo Editing Apps for the iPhone


You iPhone is more than just a phone – it’s a video recorder, flashlight, calculator, voice recorder, mini computer on the go, a credit card, and the biggest one of all, a camera. The digital camera is dead and the smartphone killed it since it’s a lot easier to whip...

Delete-Cydia-Apps (1)

10 of the Top Cydia Apps


Are you ready to jailbreak your iPhone? Here are the latest jailbroken apps available on Cydia that will make your iPhone experience much better. Try out these top Cydia pps to customize your experience the way you want it. Note: Most of these Cydia apps work on iOS 8, but...

peek app

Simplify Your Life With The Peek Calendar App


It doesn’t get any simpler than a traditional smartphone calendar, but the Peek Minimal Calendar App claims to have reinvented it. Designed with a minimal interface, Peek aims to add a human touch to the calendar experience. All about eliminating overwhelming features of mobile calendar, Peek is designed to be...


Jelly Is The Best App You Never Knew You Needed


When we have a problem, it’s tough to know what to do sometimes. Sometimes we don’t even know the question to ask. If there’s someone around who’s been in the same situation they can almost always help you out, but these days not only do so many of us not...

dmd clone

Download DMD Clone Photo App For Free


For all you phone photographers out there, DMD Clone by Dermander is now a free download, but for a limited time! The fully automated cloning camera app doesn’t require manual adjustments or preset frames. All you do is shoot your subject and enjoy! It features up to seven pictures (manual/timer,...