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World Lens App

Word Lens App Is The Inauguration Of Useful Augmented Reality (video)


Did you think there wouldn’t be a good application for augmented reality anytime soon, save maybe for advertising and fun at tradeshows? Think again, because teaming the iPhone with a great optical character recognition script has given us Word Lens, which is an instant translation app for the iPhone. Point...


iPhone SpeedClock App


Are iPhone apps getting cheaper from the amount of competition out there, or are more gifted humanitarians turning into programmers? The SpeedClock app measures both distance and speed to an object, and it costs a dollar. Become a fake road cop, measure your dog, there are many fantasy avenues possible...

Onstar iPhone App

OnStar iPhone And Android Apps Now Available


GM’s Onstar iPhone and Android apps are now available for download completely free of charge.  If you so happen to own a compatible OnStar enabled vehicle (2011 model) you’ll be able to remotely unlock the doors, start the vehicle, activate the horn and lights to find the vehicle and contact...


iStethoscope iPhone App


Don’t lose your temper if you see your Doctor reaching for his iPhone – no, he’s not about to ignore you. Hospitals are the latest niche to be breached by Apple’s little wonder phone, as an iPhone app by the name of iStethoscope is finding a genuine place in the...

Parrot AR.Drone - 1

AR.Drone Launch Date And Price Announced


It’s been almost 6 months since we heard anything from Parrot regarding their AR.Drone, but today word is born.  The AR.Drone will go on sale this September and cost $299.  Adding insult to injury (it seems a tad expensive) you’ll need to drop $2.99 for their augmented reality app games. ...


FLIPR: Another iPhone Universal Remote

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Yup, another day another infrared dongle for your iPhone.  Say what?! Today, New Potato Technologies (ya, seriously) announced their very own infrared dongle and application that turns the iPhone or iPod Touch into an IR universal remote, called the FLPR.  So how does one differentiate themselves the from the pack? ...

Redeye Unverisal Remote Review Unit - 1

Redeye Universal Remote Control Review


Is there anything the iPhone can’t do?  Control a car?  No problem.  Feed the hungry?  Just build a successful app and donate the money.  But what about controlling your home theater gear, such as the TV, DVD player or cable box?  Well, now you can thanks to something called the...