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This Battery Case Is Completely Waterproof

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There’s nothing else like the Mophie Juice Pack H2PRO battery case on the market right now. Smartphone battery cases are very convenient, especially if you’re an obsessive cell phone user, or in my case, work and do most things online. Checking email, social media, texting, phone calls, they all drain...

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InkCase i6 Gives iPhone a Secondary e-Ink Screen


The inkCase i6 is an iPhone 6 case that can double as an e-reader, allowing you to use the back of your iPhone almost as easily as the front. Think it sounds weird? Read on. Oaxis developed the original InkCase as a crowdfunded project that was successful enough for the...

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10 of the Best Waterproof iPhone 6 Cases


Life is messy and it’s usually our devices that end up the victim of life’s accidents. But to combat what could be a huge disaster (we all know how hard life can be when you don’t have your smartphone available), there are certain precautions you can take like getting waterproof...

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Mujjo Leather Wallet iPhone 6 Case Review


Not every iPhone case is the same.  That in mind, there are an endless array of cheap to expensive iPhone cases.  iPhone cases that will protect your phone from water, a drop to the floor, or simply add some basic utility.  The Mujjo Leather Wallet Case for the iPhone is...


Apple iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6 Plus


Last September, Apple unveiled its iconic new smartphones, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. This time, Apple decided to let go of the small 4-inch display, as well as the plastic design, and released two premium devices. Both of these devices are bigger and better compared to their previous iterations, and...


iPhone 6 Specs vs. Samsung Note 4 Specs


Apple and Samsung are bitter rivals. Last year, both manufacturers released their flagship devices. Apple introduced the bigger, and better, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.  While Samsung unveiled a number of smartphones, with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 being their latest flagship phablet. This is the first time Apple...


How to Maximize Your iPhone 6 Battery


If you have an iPhone 6, iPhone battery life is no doubt important to you. The last thing you want is your phone to fail in the middle of a business project, or partway through an evening out. Here are the best tips on how to save iPhone battery power...


Typo2 QWERTY Keyboard for the iPhone 6 Review


This story isn’t uncommon: at one point in your corporate life you owned a Blackberry.  You loved it’s keyboard but hated it’s operating system.  So with reluctance you made the move to the iPhone.  Finally, you felt like a someone!  Someone that could attend lunches with coworkers and not feel...

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10 of the Best Cheap iPhone 6 Cases

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If you’re not one to spend a fortune on a smartphone case, then you’re in luck! We’ve compiled some of the best cheap iPhone 6 cases around.  And by cheap, we mean under $30 bucks because not everyone wants to break the bank for a case. Still, these cases will...