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TaskOne iPhone Case

TaskOne’s iPhone 5 Case Boasts 22 Built-in Tools


My Boyscout experience was a formidable one.  I never took well to camping outside, especially when the sky was weeping snow or rain to the earth below and ultimately on my head.  However, I did find solace in the wide variety of camping gadgets at my disposal.  And while tents,...


iPhone 5 Linked to a Woman’s Death in China


Careful.  Charging your iPhone 5 could kill you.  Or at least that is what happened to a 23 year old Chinese woman of  the country’s western Xinjiang region. Ma Ailun, a a flight attendant with China Southern Airlines, was reportedly electrocuted after answering a call on her iPhone 5 while it was plugged...

Prepaid Unlimited Cell Phones   No Contract Phones   Plans   Virgin Mobile

Switch Your iPhone 5 to Virgin Mobile and Get $100 Back

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  Despite being a clear cheaper alternative, Virgin Mobile (and similar low priced mobile virtual network operators) has often been knocked at for having limited phone selection. Well as of today, the flagship Apple iPhone 5 is now finally available for Virgin Mobile customers everywhere. As an added bonus to...


Last day for Company of Heroes 2 prerelease bonuses


Last chance to pick up the PC download of Company of Heroes 2 with preorder bonuses. The highly anticipated real-time strategy game releases tomorrow, June 25th. Preorder bonuses include a Theatre of War mini campaign (extra single player missions), 2 vehicle skin packs, and 2 exclusive in-game commanders. More importantly,...

iOS 7 Features

12 iOS 7 Features You Should Know About


Yesterday Apple unveiled an all new iOS, iOS 7.  And with its arrival, which will come sometime this fall (probably in September) will be a bevy of new features to enhance your everyday life, or at the very least simplify it.  That all said, the features contained below don’t encompass...

Samsung S4 vs iPhone 5

Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs. iPhone 5 (comparison)


It’s been a few weeks and so it seems the dust has settled–if only a tad–on the great Android takeover of 2013. The business of regime change is a sobering one for Cupertino’s Apple. Yet Andorid is just a tough nut to crack, and getting tougher with every update. We’re...