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The Typo Case Turns Your iPhone 5S Into A BlackBerry

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Not to be cruel, but it’s pretty clear where the market lies in smartphones, and it isn’t with physical keyboards. True, phones with physical keyboards can be surprisingly popular, but most of us have joined the touchscreen mafia, however begrudgingly. But with the Typo case, you don’t have to choose...

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iOS 7 Review


iOS 7 is the biggest departure from the operating system since Apple released it. How could they muck it up so badly? Let me tell you. Apple Senior Vice President of Design, Jony Ive, took over the design of not only the hardware but the software for the latest iPhone,...

Beat Bottle

Beat Bottle Combines Music And Drink

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What do you get when you combine your iPhone 4 or 5 and a beverage bottle? The Beat Bottle! The innovative product is great for the gym, beach or really anywhere since it allows you to play your favorite tunes from your iPhone while you sip on your favorite drink....

Touch ID

6 Important Things to Know About iPhone 5s Security (list)


1. The First Hack and Update Apple says they designed the iOS platform “with security at its core,” and the iPhone 5s released last September implemented a new security feature called the Touch ID Sensor. The Touch ID Sensor allows quicker access to the phone without having to enter a...

Booq Complete Protection Kit for iPhone 5-5s-0132

Booq Complete Protection Kit for iPhone 5/5s Review


Protecting our smartphones is kind of a big deal. We spend hundreds of dollars on insurance, cases, covers, and more wacky accessories just to make sure that when we get clumsy the damned $500+ phone doesn’t snap in two. Heck, I know plenty of people who have spent more on...