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SpyderStyle i5d-0516

SpiderStyle i5d iPhone Battery Case Review


I’ve written numerous times about the atrocious battery life the iPhone 5 and 5s get. It’s a daily struggle for me; as an app developer it was awful. As a journalist it’s terrible. And as someone who only uses it for checking emails occasionally and playing with new apps? Still...

Lightning Rabbit

Lightning Rabbit Smartphone Cables Review


Smartphone connectors are a tough nut to crack. It’s hit or miss, but all too easy to miss unless you stick with the expensive, top-tiered 1st party cables. If you’re on an iOS device, that means at least $30 a pop for Lightning. Android owners are much better off with...




martphone cameras are great because they’re always there when you need them. But who ever thought that shooting a pic while held in one hand, tapping a screen button or punching a side tab wouldn’t result in picture-ruining vibrations was nuts. For most of us it’s hard enough to hold...

DistilUnion Wally Case-0318

DistilUnion Wally Case for iPhone Review


The Wally is great. Combining the phone and wallet is a great way to make carry less and make your wallet easier to manage in a growing digital world. Because really, who needs to carry a lot of cash, if any, daily? But the Wally was only step one; it...

iPhone 5s-0129

Apple iPhone 5s Review


When it comes to the iPhone, every review since the 3G has exclaimed one thing: this is the best iPhone yet. And it should go without saying that enough changes and improvements have been made so that the newest models is, in fact, the best. If that didn’t happen, it...

Jackery iPhone 5s Battery Case

Jackery Leaf Premium iPhone 5s Battery Case Review


The iPhone 5s’s battery ain’t half bad. In fact, the average user can probably go a whole day and then some without a recharge. Not so, though, for those that chat, text, Instagram, or watch videos on the handheld device. If the case is such, you’ll be scrambling for a...